Judy Deisher

"Sanctuary", oil, 40" x 30"

Why am I an artist? To fulfill my desire to create something beautiful. My work is about color and pattern. For years my artistic expression manifested itself in clay. Early on, I chose the human form as my special area of interest, the malleability and sensuousness of clay is perfect for rendering the figure.

More recently, after many life drawing sessions, I immersed myself in pastels. I find the immediacy and spontaneity of the medium to be irresistible. Working quickly and straight forward, I lay down the brilliant colors. I portray the female figure with the graceful, sweeping lines of a landscape or the quiet serenity of a still life. I greatly admire the works of the artist Degas, Matisse, Ingres, and Renoir.

My pen and inks are equally filled with pattern which creates an energy that keeps the viewer involved. A person can happily spend time investigating the detail and the more subtle colors of the metallic inks. Pen and ink has been a long time favorite medium for me, to which I return time and again.

Above all, I use the female figure as the canvas, which I can adorn with all manner of stripes, dots, and rhinestones. A beautiful vision. Hopefully a vision that cannot be ignored.