Patty's Race 2003

2003 Sponsors
Bobbie Meserve
Clay GMC
Cole-Whitney Ford
Dr. David Dumont
Dr. Tony Miller
Earth's Bounty Natural Foods
Erma Harvey's Family
Ernest B. Harvey III
Foot Locker
Frances Richards
Ginny Osgood
H.C. Haynes
Indian Hill Trading Post
Jason and Katie Neal
Jeff and Candy Stone
Jim and Donna Wood
John and Kay Macklin
Ken and Tina Budge
Keyth and Charles Carter
Lee Barber Shop & Styling Salon
Lincoln Color Center
Lincoln News
Main Street Barber Shop
Mallett's Mill
Moosehead Traders
N. Jipell Studio
Pam Borgeson
Pat's Pizza
Randy and Candy Gifford
Rev. Priscilla Schumm
Rite Aid
Robert and Jana Stevens
Ruhl Photography
Shop 'N Save
Springfield Fair Association
Stuart and Lea Watt
Thornton Brothers
Tibbett's Fuel & Building Center
Lee Martin
Michael and Susan Kelley
David and Nancy Shannon
PVH Oper. Room staff
Lorraine Ort
Amanda Dube
Dr. William Caddoo
Terry and Paula Raymond
Dan Offret
Delories J. Williams
Susan and Michael Kelley
Lavon Harris
Norma Bishop
Jane York *
David Bishop
Tom Jandreau
Euna Ireland
Galen and Sharon Thompson Sr.
Irene C. Coffin
Donna Deno
Bill and Anna Daniels
Leland Martin
Elgin, Patrice and Brooke Turner
Mitch Ruzzoli
Dan and Stephanie Ham & Family
Sarah Swett
Lia de Bruyn
Scott and Laura Osgood
Bill and Sue Head
Debra Bonell
Ed and Lorraine Harris
Pam Porter
Karen Goding
Dolores Adams
Bill and Jeanette LaGasse
Ethel Foss
Melissa Quintela *
Jimmy and Sue Daigle
Hilary and Blair Emery
Bea Szantyr
Ann White
Karen Lane and Donna Geno *
Galen Jr. and Jenny Thompson, & Family
David and Janice Pilotte
Quie Emery
*March Of Dimes Walkers*

2003 Award Winners
Male Female
1. Ty Thurlow 19:39
2. Drew Pickering 21:19
3. Yun Jung 22:31
1. Anneliese Schumm 25:41
2. Linsey Ruhl 26:47
3. Kimmy Thurlow 27:55
12 & Under:
1. Josiah Thurlow 23:34
2. Nolan Dumont 29:08
3. Bradley McLaughlin 48:22
1: Brooke Harris 30:15
2. Hillary Pelkey 31:08
3. Alyssa Maxwell 31:31
13 - 18:
1. Spencer Thurlow 23:25
2. Derek Stacey 27:54
3. Nate Dow 29:17
1. Ali Keegan 31:05
2. Missy Thurlow 33:16
3. Jenny Stevens 35:40
19 - 29:
1. Jonathan White 26:09
2. Spencer Stacey 25:51
3. Charlie Worster 29:09
1. Elizabeth Comeau 30:16
2. Suzanne Smith 33:22
3. Annette Smith-Wright 49:18
30 - 39:
1. Galen Pelkey 22:41
2. Todd Thurlow 23:29
3. Galen Thompson Jr. 25:37
1. Laura Osgood 31:28
2. Melissa Pelkey 32:45
3. Kristen Moody 44:48
40 - 49:
1. Randy Harris 23:36
2. Tom Jandreau 27:01
3. Lee Martin 27:01
1. Stacey Williams 30:28
2. Annette Ham 40:12
3. Jaynee McLellan 44:22
50 - 59:
1. Chuck Murphy 23:31
2. Paul Kelly 28:50
3. Roger Stacey 29:54
1. Priscilla Mallory 46:14
2. Marge Chandler 48:15
3. Sandra Gifford (time not listed)
60 & over:
1. Jack Nobel 34:21
2. Art Fraser 45:06
3. Bart Harvey (time not listed)
1. Betty Parsons 48:23
2. Hazel Oliver 48:43
3. Yvette LaPlante (time not listed)

Lee Academy Student remembered with benefit race

Excerpted from Chris Debeck's Lincoln News article of May 08,2003

Lee - According to the official results, Ty Thurlow and Anneliese Schumm were the male and female overall winners, respectfully, at Sunday's (May 4, 2003) Patricia Lynn Corbin Memorial Walk / Run. The biggest winner, though was the scholarship fund set up in tribute to Patty, who died last year in a car crash on Interstate 95 returning home from an after-school appointment.

The Patricia Lynn Corbin Memorial Scholarship Fund netted about $4,500 as a result of entry fees and sponsorships made by over 300 registered participants and over 80 sponsoring individuals and businesses.

A total of 303 people walked or ran the 3.14 mile course, participants from as far away as Washington State and Kuwait.

The turnout on a bright, sunny spring afternoon was particularly heartening to Michael Corbin, Patty's father, who helped organize the event along with Lee Academy and the Lee Running Club. "The overwhelming support shown to our family by the coming together of this community in the wake of our tragedy is a real tribute to Patty's memory", he wrote in a thank-you to those involved.

Before the race started on the front lawn of LA, Thurlow sang the Star Spangled Banner to kick off the day, earning a round of applause from racers and spectators alike. Thurlow is a freshman at the University of Maine in Farmington.

Then, it was down to the business of racing - or, as many chose to do, walking.

Less than 20 minutes after finishing the national anthem, Thurlow left the rest of the pack in his dust, turning in a time of 19 minutes, 39 seconds to be the first across the finish line.

Always a competitor, Thurlow said that he had to win this race. "I knew I had to (win) Patty's race", he said later. "Being a teammate with her for three years (on the cross country team), I kind of had a little extra incentive". He said his strategy was simple - get out ahead and stay there. Which he did.

The first mile of the course included part of Lee Academy's cross country course, with lots of hilly terrain. "That was a hard first mile", Thurlow said.

Once he found out about the race, Thurlow said he knew what his plans were for May 4, "No doubt", he added.

Patty Corbin was a well-loved member of the LA community, remembered by many for her caring personality and an ever-present smile. Many members of the community, from current and former students to teachers and others, ran or walked their way through the course, including Patty's family, her parents Michael and Robin, and brothers Jay and Matthew. In some cases, people opted to cross the finish line together, including parents and children, boyfriends and girlfriends, and friends and classmates.

Although some were astonstonished at the large turnout for Sunday's race, Thurlow said he wasn't surprised. "I knew there would be a lot of people coming (to the race), if not for Patty, but to show support for the Corbin family", he said.

The first Patricia Lynn Corbin Memorial Scholarship will be awarded during Lee Academy's graduation ceremony early next month.