Patty's Race 2004

2004 Sponsors
Monies received from participants and sponsors are what make this a successful fund raising event for the Patricia Lynn Corbin Memorial Scholarship Fund, which benefits a Lee Academy graduate going on to college each year. This is one of our ways of continuing Patty's legacy of giving. This year we raised over $3,000.00 for her scholarship fund. Thank you to our sponsors:

Virginia Osgood, Jeffery & Candace Stone, Jane & Clarence Thompson, Erma Harvey's Family (Keyth & Charles Carter, Kay & John Macklin, Bart Harvey), Dorothy Lamken, Dolores Adams, Connie Mclellan, Wal-Mart, The Giglio family, Pam Sawyer Borgeson, Casey & Amanda Osgood, Tina Budge, Frances Richards, Bobbie B. Meserve, Scott & Laura Osgood, Gary & Susan Osgood, Wallace & Mary Lindahl, Boreas Family Medicine, Paula Johnson, Stuart & Lea Watt, Moosehead Traders, Michael & Gail Kay, Riannon Nute, Jeff Hass, H.C. Haynes Inc., Clay GMC Truck Inc., Hannaford, Ruhl Photography, Lincoln Color Center, Main Street Barber Shop, Cole Whitney Ford, Lincoln News, Judith Hanscom, Beatrice Szantyr Weatherbee, Lee Academy Class of 2006, Earth's Bounty Natural Foods, William & Jeannette Lagasse, Coca-Cola, Robert & Jana Stevens & Family, Lee Barber Shop & Styling, Bobby Osgood, McDonald's, Finish Line, Sprint for Life, Clayton & Jayleen Boulrisse, Lisa & Martin French, Irene Coffin, Danny & Janine Smith, Joe Slevinsky,Lorraine & Kenneth Ort, Lee Academy National Honor Society, Todd & Laurie O'Brien, Lois & Tim Hardy, Amanda Dube.

Thanks so much to all of you.

2004 Award Winners
Male Female
1. Franky Carpenter 21:07
2. Yun Jung 21:11
3. Todd Thurlow 21:34
1. Bernie Stockley 23:49
2. Connie Mclellan 23:56
3. Aarika Ritchie 25:49
12 & Under:
1. 1. Josiah Thurlow 22:44
2. Nolan Dumont 25:32
3. 3. A.J. Harris 27:55
1: Rachel Kerr 41:04
2. Jordan Maxwell 41:04
3. Rochelle Burrill 43:53
13 - 18:
1. Drew Pickering 22:28
2. Matt Scott 23:15
3. Jun Jung 23:47
1. Brooke Harris 26:53
2. Linsey Ruhl 26:55
3. Sarah Whitney 26:59
19 - 29:
1. Jay Corbin 24:28
2. Christopher Muffett 29:07
3. Matt Corbin 36:14
1. Crystal Willette 38:48
2. Raven Flynn 43:21
3. Melissa Hanscom 47:49
30 - 39:
1. Aaron Knowles 53:12
2. Jeffrey Wright 55:13
3. Steve Doane 64:08
1. Suzanne Smith 33:13
2. Kathy Maxwell 38:56
3. Tracy Kerr 45:22
40 - 49:
1. David Ham 22:56
2. Randy Harris 23:26
3. David Dumont 25:33
1. Annette Ham 35:14
2. Patty Harris 36:39
3. Melanie Dumont 38:57
50 - 59:
1. Alan Stockley 22:02
2. Chuck Murphy 24:14
3. Barry McLaughlin 26:57
1. Ellen Mclaughlin 35:13
2. Priscilla Mallory 40:54
3. Devra Braziller 45:20
60 & over:
1. Dale Dickie 27:05
2. Jack Nobel 40:45
3. Arthur Frasier 45:15
1. Hazel Oliver 40:34
2. Betty Parsons 45:15
3. Judy Dickie 45:46

Corbin memorialized with Lee run
Lincoln News, May 6, 2004, By Chris Debeck

Lee-For the second straight year, a bright, sunny day greeted those who participated in the Patricia Lynn Corbin Memorial Walk/Run - or "Patty's Race 2004" on Sunday afternoon.

And for the second straight year, many people who remembered the personable young woman with the ready smile gathered in front of Lee Academy to do their part to raise money for a scholarship fund set up to remember Patty, who died in a car crash two years ago.

And for the second straight year, one of Patty's former cross country teammates was the overall winner of the race.

Franky Carpenter, an LA graduate now in the U.S. Army, just edged out LA student Yun Jung, finishing the 3.14 mile course in 21 minutes, seven seconds, four seconds ahead of Jung.

The win was very special for Carpenter, who was unable to attend last year's race (won by Ty Thurlow) due to training.

"Patty was a good friend of mine and a lot of people here, too," he said. "I pretty much did it for her."

It was not an easy course, particularly when combined with warm temperatures that greeted racers on Sunday afternoon.

"There were a lot of hills," he said. "It was pretty hot." Carpenter leaves for the El Osaban base in Korea on May 17.

Current LA cross country coach Todd Thurlow was third overall (21:34).

Another track coach, Bernice Stockley, was the top female finisher (23:49), followed by Connie Mclellan (23:56) and Aarika Ritchie (25:49).

In addition to runners, several members of the LA community and beyond opted to walk around the course. A few people pushed baby strollers and there was even a dog or two who participated with their human companions.

In all, between 260 to 270 people registered for the race, though not all ended up finishing, according to Michael Corbin, Patty's father and race organizer.

"It's a lot of hard work, but it's worth it in memory of Patty," he said. "The support of all our friends, coworkers, the staff at Lee Academy, has been very special. It made it go much smoother."

Patty's brothers, Jay and Matt, also took home certificates for finishing first and third, respectfully, in the male ages 19-29 category, adding to the family atmosphere. Matt was also running with a cousin (Ridge Osgood) and allowed the youngster to move ahead of him at the finish line.

In addition to awards handed out to the top three finishers in several age categories, several door prizes were also handed out, from cases of Mountain Dew to cheese and crackers to boxes of macaroni and cheese, each representing things she loved to eat and drink.

Also, several cookbooks were handed out, donated by the local S.P.R.I.N.T. For Life coalition.

Music again played a role in the race. The Lee Academy pep band played a few songs, culminating in the National Anthem, on the front lawn of the school. Kim Thurlow and Tyler and Jenny Thompson played a medley of songs, beginning and ending with "I Will Remember You." For good measure Thom Knowles also played music on Slipper Ridge.

In all, about $3,000 was raised for the Patty Corbin scholarship fund, which will benefit a Lee Academy graduate going on to higher education.