Patty's Race 2005

2005 Award Winners
Male Female
1. Drew Pickering 19:42
2. Ty Thurlow 19:51
3. Josiah Thurlow 21:20
1. Elizabeth Comeau 29:32
2. Stacie Mann 30:11
3. Ellen McLaughlin 31:12
12 & Under:
1. Nolan Dumont 22:06
2. A. J. Harris 29:18
3. Devon Maxwell 34:28
1: Taylor Hawkins 35:52
2. Jordan Maxwell 36:36
3. Megan Burrill 41:37
13 - 18:
1. Yun Jung 22:03
2. Matt Scott 22:59
3. Mitch Slevinsky 26:08
1. Emily Dumont 34:33
2. Mary Weatherbee 34:34
3. Morgan Pelky 36:41
19 - 29:
1. Rick Kim 24:36
2. Jay Corbin 25:11
3. Matteo Zanatto 33:07
1. Sam Cole 46:32
2. Shannon Cole 46:33
3. Raven Flynn 49:52
30 - 39:
1. Todd Thurlow 22:40
2. Aaron( & Mattie) Knowles 50:36
3. Matt Ward 70:07
1. Melissa Pelkey 33:19
2. Lisa Hawkins 35:53
3. Patricia Cliff 36:21
40 - 49:
1. Randy Harris 24:03
2. David Dumont 25:47
3. Scott Maxwell 28:10
1. Melanie Dumont 39:59
2. Jackie Worster 42:37
3. Judy Hanscom 46:31
50 - 59:
1. Barry McLaughlin 24:56
2. Bill Head 31:26
3. Steven Mallett 48:51
1. Elizabeth Carey 37:09
2. Priscilla Mallory 39:17
3. Devra Braziller 41:20
60 & over:
1. Theodore Carey 25:18
2. Richard Worster 31:55
3. Jack Nobel 38:27
1.Marge Worster 40:19
2. Reta Severance 48:49
3. Donna Gifford 54:24

2005 Sponsors
The family and organizers of Patty's Race send sincere and heartfelt thanks to all those who supported this year's event. Over $3,000. was raised for the Patricia Lynn Corbin Memorial Scholarship at Lee Academy. We encourage people to thank and patronize our sponsors. Many of you were contacted by Emma Irish from Lee Academy in the few weeks before the race for a sponsorship opportunity. Emma graciously volunteered her services at that time and it was very much appreciated. We certainly hope we haven't neglected to mention anyone. If we have please let us know. Thank you to the 2005 sponsors of Patty's Race.
Anonymous, Aubuchon Hardware, Barbara Gebhardt, Beth Howe, Bobbi Meserve, Carl and Dale MacDonald, Casey & Amanda Osgood, Chuck Murphy, Clay GMC Truck, Inc., Coca Cola Bottling Co., Cole-Whitney Ford, CWA Reality, Danny Johnston, Darren Turner, Dave Nason, David and Melanie Dumont, David and Nancy Dickey, Dr. Durwin Libby, Dr. Noah Nesin, Dr. Todd & Laurie O'Brien, Dr. Weatherbee, Earth's Bounty Natural Foods, Evertt and Sarah McLeod, Finish Line Sports, Gail Rae, Galen & Jenny Thompson & Family, Gary and Susan Osgood, Giglio Family, H. Joseph Thibodeau D.M.D., H.C. Haynes, Inc., Harold & Jeanie Corbin , Jeffrey & Candace Stone, Jessica Fogg/Kelly Nason SPRINT, Jim & Peg Flynn and Family , Johnson's Florist, Karen and Lawrence Bradford, Kathy Parlee, Kelly Nason, Ken and Tina Budge, Kevin and Kendra Ritchie, Keyth & Charles Carter, Kay & John Macklin, Kris & Tracey Nute, Lee Barber Shop, Lee Volunteer Fire Dept., Lincoln Chiropractic/Kari Leonard, Lincoln Color Center, Lincoln News, Lindsay and Carroll Nevells, Lois and Timothy Hardy, Lorroine Ort in Memory of Ken Ort, Main Street Barber Shop, Mallett's Mill, Inc., Margaret Bard, McDonald's, Mill Stream Grocery, Mt. Jefferson Jr. High, N. Jipell Studio, Neal Assoicates, Olympai Sports, Pamela Borgeson, Pat's Pizza, Paul and Lisa White, Paul and Dee House, Portland Beverage, Possibilities, Princeton Elementary, Raymond's Variety, Rob and Nancy Burrill, Robert and Jana Stevens, Robin Portwine & Ramona Cesare, Ruhl Photo Studio, Ryan & Jennifer Osgood, Smart's True Value, Smith's General Store, Springfield Fair Assoc., Springfield Timber & Tile, Thornton Bros., Topsfield Elementary, Treeline, Inc., Vanceboro School, Virginia Osgood, William and Jeannette LaGasse, William and Sue Head, Wytopitlock Elementary, Yates Lumber, Inc.

Patty’s Race, 2005, Post Race Article in Lincoln News

LEE ­ While many might have grumbled at the rain that came down Sunday afternoon, somewhere Patti Corbin was smiling.   Corbin, 17 when she died a few years ago in a car accident on Interstate 95, loved to run in the rain, according to her father, Michael, who spoke before Sundayıs third annual ³Pattyıs Race, a road race with proceeds going to benefit a scholarship fund at Lee Academy in Pattyıs honor.   She loved to splash her teammates in the puddles, he said, drawing laughter from those who braved the elements to run the race.   In a way, the rain also benefitted overall race winner Drew Pickering of Lee. A junior at Lee Academy, Pickering originally had other plans for his Sunday, he explained after the race.   I had a (soccer) game down in Portland, he explained.   He found out Sunday morning, though, that the rain and wind that blew through the state over the weekend had forced the game to be canceled.   The field had five inches of water, he said.   Thus, he turned his attention to the race and managed to edge out LA graduate Ty Thurlow to win the race. Pickering finished nine seconds ahead of Thurlow (19:42 to 19:51), denying Thurlow the chance to become the first two-time winner of the event.   We were neck and neck pretty much the whole race, he said.   The race course, which included part of Lee Academyıs cross country trail, was in pretty good shape despite the recent damp weather, Pickering said.   I thought (the course) was pretty good for how much rain we had, he said.   The first female finisher (finishing the 3.1 mile course in 29:32) was Elizabeth Comeau of Lincoln, a junior at the University of Maine-Farmington. A former cross country runner at Mattanawcook Academy, she said she hasnıt had much time to train.   Elizabeth and her father, Ed, finished together, as was the case in the past few years.   He definitely pushed me throughout the entire thing, she said after the race. I donıt think Iıd be able to do it without him, Iıll tell you what. Heıs my running buddy.   Elizabeth Comeau said she and Patty Corbin used to dance together several years ago under the direction of Gail Shedd.   Ed Comeau said he plans to keep racing with his daughter as long as possible.   A total of 127 people crossed the finish line, while more than 200 people registered for the event. While there were many age category winners, the biggest winner on the day was the Patricia Lynn Corbin scholarship fund, which awards one scholarship to a Lee Academy senior to further their educational dreams. This yearıs event raised more than $3,000 from registration fees and sponsorships (a full list of sponsors can be found on page 32) and several people won t-shirts, water bottles and other prizes during a post-race drawing.   Among those participating in Sundayıs race were LA graduates Jessie Kuester and Samantha Cole, the first two recipients of the Patty Corbin scholarship.