July 2020

* Fishing Event: Umcolcus Sporting Camps July 7-10

* Fishing Event: Burgers and Bass July 15 - (Raindate 16)

* Fishing Event: Andro River Drift July 29

August 2020

* Fishing Event: Cabins at Lopstick Aug 4-7

* Fishing Event: Riverside Marine (Ocean)

September 2020

Fishing Event: Lakewood Camps September 8-11

* = denotes COVID-19 Cancellation

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Umcolcus Sporting Camps July 7-10


Umcolcus Sporting Camps have invited the BITMS vets to fish, The Umcolcus Deadwater, and surrounding streams, lakes and ponds which offer great fishing opportunities. Whether you enjoy casting a fly to rising wild brook trout, or exploring a small stream with a spinning rod, it's all nearby. Fun for the novice or experienced fisherman.

Umcolcus Sporting Camps offer a secluded escape for those seeking an authentic Maine experience whether hunting, fishing, or a family vacation. There's something for everyone. Located in the northern part of Maine's Penobscot County (T8-R6) the Umcolcus Sporting Camps have served sportsmen and vacationers for over three generations since 1917. We hope you have enjoyed the long history of Umcolcus Sporting Camps, ( located under About ), and it is very important to me to continue this long "tradition" as the new owner as of March 2018. I hope that all outdoor enthusiasts have a chance to come and visit - "the way life used to be".

Thank you
Jeff Fay,
Umcolcus Sporting Camps



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Andro River fishing - Drift Boats July 29


Drifting the Androsscoggin River in drift boats with Western Maine Guide Service and William Clunie. This will be our fourth year of drifting the Andro with Bob Harkins, Laurin Parker and William Clunie. Last year provided a full day of Bass fishing on a lazy moving River. The action was continuous and the fish ranged from small to very large. The River has always produced nice Bass as long as I can remember, fishing it as a kid.


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Burgers and Bass Fishing July 15

(Raindate 16)


The vets and board members of Back in the Maine Stream take to the water for a little Bass fishing action for our fifth year. We will be fishing for Bass with Clark Marine, and members of Man vs Bass, on Maranacook Lake. Special Thanks to American Legion Post 40 for use of the Post facilities and BBQ space. Sign up for the event will be at the regular monthly meetings, where you can find the time and details.


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Cabins at Lopstick, August 4-7, 2020


Our vets of Back in the Maine Stream have been invited by Roderick de Greef of Cabins at Lopstick to fish in the First Connecticut Lake and Connecticut River. He has offered us an experience of fly fishing some very productive water in Pittsburg NH. We will be their guests in August.


Taken from the Web Site of Cabins at Lopstick

The upper Connecticut River and tributaries are well known for its excellent trout and land-locked salmon fishing. Our guides have been featured in numerous articles, television shows and quoted in books such as American Angling Magazine, The Boston Globe, AMC Magazine, The Concord Monitor, The Fly Fishing Report, The Bird Hunting Report, Fly Tyer Magazine, Wildlife Journal, America's 100 Best Trout Streams.


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Ocean Fishing @ Riverfront - August 24


Last years event was filled with such a diverse assortment of fish caught. We hooked into Bluefish, Pollack, Macerel, Flounder, Shark, Redfish, Cod, Haddock, and Hake. What a great assortment of catches. Some of the vets had the opportunity to take home some fillets of their catches. Fantastic!

The boats and crews of the following vessels all volunteered their time, resources and expertise to get our veterans and family members safley to and from the ocean. Thank you to all the owners and crew for your help.

Kevin Campbell of the UNWIND - Event Coordinator

Contango - Liquid Plumber II - Elsie Mae - Rella 3

Manolin Charters - Time Flies - Luna - Ratte Race

Error 404 - Take Five - Elvira - Greenhead - Door#3

A special "Thanks" to the owners of Riverfront Marine Sports, Inc. and Dave Moulton, who is again hosting this BITMS fishing event from the Marina in Newbury, MA. He has asked us to bring our vets and some family members for fishing, food and friendship. Thanks for the invitation to this second annual event, and Thank you also for your amazing generosity!



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Lakewood Camps - Rapid River - September 8-11


BITMS wishes to Thank Robin for inviting the vets of our program to fish the waters of Lakewood Camps. A great fishing opportunity in a beautiful lakeside setting, with access to the Rapid river. We look forward to being there again this year. Thank you!


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