This view of the boot lid shows (to me, anyway) evidence of the car's origin: as a "Personal Export Delivery" car. The two white spots are actually faded reflectors (the kind that were common accessory license plate bolts back in the 1960s), and the spacing is about that of the mounting screws for a British number plate. My 1960 948 saloon, also a "Personal Export Delivery" car, has the same holes.

That car also shares three other significant features with this coupé:

  • four holes for a US-style state license plate,
  • thorough undercoating, including the entire underside of the bonnet, and
  • a single-bulb license plate lamp.

Perhaps it is all coincidence. After all, plenty of cars were undercoated back then, and I'm sure lots of dealers drilled four holes in the bootlid for a US-style license plate, even though two were quite sufficient! And the lamp could have been replaced at any time.