As noted in coupe07.htm, the bonnet is not a strong point on this car. The damage is far more obvious from this angle. Note the the smaller L595 single-bulb side/flasher lamp, common to most earlier Herald 1200 models.

You probably can see that the outer ends of the front crosstube are missing. What's left of the crosstube, with starting handle support, is under a large piece of angle iron welded on to the front frame extensions. Obviously there is no provision to mount the bonnet hinge pivots. That will have to be dealt with (I knew that rusty old early 1200 chassis would come in handy someday!)

Note the letters [T] R I U M P H. This is a feature of the North American-specification Heralds; home market cars had H E R A L D letters across the front. I'm not sure, but I think by this time Standard- Triumph USA was trying to downplay the "Herald" name. US advertising of the 1200 models was as just that: the Triumph 1200. Later cars (circa 1965 on) were badged as "Sports 1200" on the boot lid.