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1961 Triumph Herald 1200 Personal Export Delivery

This car, GA16005LCV, was bought new in England by an American soldier.Apparently he toured Europe with it and shipped it back to the states on an Italian freighter.When he picked it up someone had stolen the wheels and tires onboard the ship! Presumably, they kept the car in Estes Park, Co., at their summer home. It wound up in storage in around 1977 or so when the guy died. When his wife died 4-5 years ago it was sold at her estate auction.

This car shows typical signs of a "Personal Export Delivery" car, including holes in the boot lid (on either side of the current license plate) that would've been for the original British number plate. You can also see the base of the British number plate on the front of the car.

One extremely unusual -- but presumably original -- feature of this car is the grille, normally seen only on the home market Courier vans and Herald 'S' saloons!

(Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger version.)

RR of GA16005LCV. Click for a larger version.

RR of GA16005LCV. Click for a larger version.

Left side of GA16005LCV

Engine, RH side, GA16005LCV

Front view of GA16005LCV. Note apparently original 'Courier' style grille in front!

Boot lid of GA16005LCV shows extra holes for original British number plate.

Looks like original upholstery and carpeting in GA16005LCV.

Speedometer of GA16005LCV shows low miles; likely original.

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