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Find the numbers!

These pictures should enable you to find the various numbers on your Herald or Sports 6/Vitesse.

Typical 1964-on commission number plate. Earlier plates show model name but not color/trim codes.

A typical commission number plate from about 1964 on. Earlier plates do not have the paint and trim codes.

shows location of commission plate

The commission number plate is found on the LH side of the "scuttle" panel.

Sports 6 commission plate

Click on the image above to see an early "Sports 6" commission number plate from Brian Passey's car. Most Sports 6 and early Vitesse 1600 models will have the model name on the Commission plate.

Yellow circle indicates more

NOTE: Some Herald 1200s and most(?) Vitesse 1600 and Sports 6 models will have the Commission plate located further front. In the case of the Vitesse and Sports 6, this appears to have been due to the location of the voltage regulator mounting bolts or screws in the "normal" Herald Commission plate location. (Click on the picture above to view a larger version.)

shows location of body number plate

The body number plate is found on the RH side of the "scuttle" panel.

shows location of engine number

The engine number is found on the LH side of the engine block, under the rearmost spark plug.

shows location of differential number

The differential number is found on the bottom of the "nose" of the differential.

shows location of gearbox number

The gearbox number is found on the top of the case.

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