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Mirror, mirror on the door...

I am looking for several door mirrors as commonly installed on Triumphs, or at least on Triumph family cars (Herald and 2000 models) sold in the New York area in the early and mid-1960s. Below, advertisements from Foreign Car Accessories in New York and from Standard-Triumph Motor Company some five or six years later depict the mirror I'm looking for: either FCA Model A503 or Triumph part number V450. If you happen to have or know of any available mirrors (used and in very good condition is fine; so is NOS), or if you are unsure and would like additional descriptive information, please contact me.

(Note that these are not like the Lucas- or Desmo-style wing (fender) mirrors, with their single-bolt mount. This mirror has a base, with chrome-head sheet metal screws used to hold the mirror to the door.)

Foreign Car Accessories magazine advertisement, April 1960 Sports Cars Illustrated
"Foreign Car Accessories" Ad, from Sports Cars Illustrated , April 1960

Mirror item
from a 1966 Triumph accessories catalog

A closeup of the mirror from the FCA ad.
from the above FCA ad, a closeup of the mirror in question

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