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A Web Ring comprised of both personal & business Web Pages devoted to basically anything dealing with Findley Lake New York and surrounding area.

The Ring is part of the Yahoo Web Ring system and is free to join and is open to all Web Sites that contain Findley Lake area content.

The Ring's objective is to promote the Findley Lake New York Area and to allow surfers to easier navigate to those sites that have a distinctive Findley Lake flavor.

This site also contains pages that can be viewed by people of all ages.
If a site does not fit this criteria than it will not be placed in the ring.

There are five basic steps to become a Ring member:
1. Click on the "Join Now" link on the Findley Lake New York Web Ring Title Bar.
2. You will then be directed to the Yahoo WebRing main site where you will be asked     to provide some information about your site including selecting a Username & ID.
3. Yahoo will then share the information collected on the page with the RingMaster
    for review and inclusion in the Ring.
4. Once the RingMaster accepts your site in the Ring, you will then be instructed by
    Email how to install the Ring navigation bar onto your site.
5. You will then cut & past the code directly into your site to establish the Title Bar,
    as seen below, and you will them be a member of the Ring.

You may also Email the RingMaster  of the Findley Lake New York Web Ring if you have any questions.

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