About Red Rock Weather

    Red Rock, NY is located in the Northeast corner of Columbia county between the Hudson River and the Berkshires.  The weather station is at an altitude of about 950 feet.  It is partially shielded from the wind by a hillside and forest therefore real wind speeds might be somewhat greater then reported.

The weather station is a Davis Vantage Pro2 (http://www.davis.com).  Data is wirelessly transmitted to a Davis console and then sent via a usb connection to a 700 MHz PC running windows XP home which has a DSL connection to the internet .  The data is sampled and processed by the Ambient Virtual Weather Station Base Edition (V13.01)(http://www.ambientweather.com).  Data files are uploaded to the host web server at home.nyc.rr.com every 30 minutes by Primasoft AutoFTPpro (ver 2.5)( http://www.primasoft.com).  More frequent uploads would be desirable but would exceed the allowed data transfer of 250 Meg/month. Data collection began in mid 2007 so annual rain total for 2007 includes data for Albany for first few months of 2007.    For more information email Irwin Cohen

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