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Innovative Professional Technician

Looking for Full Time laboratory position in Maine, e.g. R&D, QC, QA, process control, environmental, microbiology, water treatment, etc.

However, I am open to new lines of work.... especially if it involves creativity and innovation.

I am experienced in Research, experimental design, statistics, database utilization, computer software & programming, Chemometrics, NIR & FTIR, uv/vis, rheometry, stress strain, GC, AA, waste treatment & environmental testing, all standard lab equipment, ISO, GMP, GLP, and technical reporting.

I learn new instruments and techniques quickly, and am detail oriented. I enjoy the support of a team environment, but prefer to work independently.

I also hold a current 3rd Class Engineer's License, for Steam Plant operation.


Thank you for your interest.          Email:  nanomaine@hotmail.com          Website: http://www.nano-nova.com



Seasoned and innovative professional technician looking for an intellectually challenging position.

My goal is to find a progressive organization that desires a richly symbiotic relationship. Your team, with my experience and passion for science and technology, will find new and creative solutions!



My ideal company:

My ideal company would be an innovative and progressive company where I can make a difference. I would be at home with an organization and team that favors success over the status quo.

Though I do prefer a research environment, I am completely open to new endeavors.




My perfect job:

The best utilization of my skills and experience would be in a research or design and implementation position.  I immensely enjoy utilizing scientific tools and methods to discover or create.

I also much enjoy applying new skills and methodologies to improve existing processes.



Target Job:

Research Technician or Laboratory Technician



Desired Status:




Desired Salary:

45,000.00 USD Per Year


Date of Availability:




Yes - Prefer Maine, but will consider all options






1/1980 - Present

SR. Quality Control Technician



April 1990 Present

My present position is the daily operation of all aspects of 24-7 Quality Control lab in a production facility. Duties include production process monitoring and control, product testing, raw materials testing and lab operations.

Process control includes sampling, testing, and making operational changes.

Product testing is mostly proprietary methodology with standard lab equipment. Standard physical analyses include: rheology, stress-strain, gravimetric, centrifugation, colorimetric, nephelometric, ion concentration, chromatography, and some proprietary tests.

Lab operations include maintenance, calibration and operation of equipment; data entry; ISO documentation; supply ordering; and highly dynamic work organization.

Interim Chemometrics Project (1994-1996)

Chemometrics is the correlation of spectral and analytical data to physical characteristics. It is a powerful methodology, and is becoming a standard analytical tool.

I handled all aspects of NIR and FTIR research, including: wet testing, statistical data analysis, chemometric modeling, technical reporting, and project presentations. My intensive chemometrics training was from the instrument factory, corporate specialists, and the excellent Thermogalactic software consultants.

Steam Plant (1985 1990)

Performed all routine Steam Plant duties, including operation and maintenance.  Upgraded license several times, currently hold a Maine 3rd Class Engineer license.  Furthered skills in pipefitting, mechanical repairs, and instrumentation.

Research Lab (1981 1985)

Worked on various research projects. Skills utilized included: computer programming, various software, statistical data handling, experimental design, lab analysis, instrument operation, data collection, report writing.

Assignments included: Process Chemistry Group, Pilot Plant, Raw Materials Lab, Analytical Lab, Molecular weight determination project (via gel electrophoresis).

Production operator (1980 1981)

Started career at my current employer in the production department. Learned much of the process before starting in research.


8/1974 - 1/1980

Waste Treatment Plant Operator



Pen Bay Medical Center    Glen Cove, Maine

Primary job was operation and maintenance of Grade 3B Waste Treatment Plant. Assigned to Maintenance, Grounds Keeping and Security as needed. Held a grade III Waste Treatment License.

Exercised (or learned) various hard and soft skills, including: welding, pipefitting, equipment maintenance, instrumentation, steam plant and HVAC operations, sewage plant operation, lab work, facility security, and grounds keeping.








Skill Name

Skill Level

Last Used




Laboratory analysis


Currently used

31 years



Computer literacy


Currently used

24 years





2 years ago

27 years





2 years ago

3 years



Engineer's License



10 years



MS Excel


Currently used

21 years



MS Word


Currently used

21 years



MS FrontPage


Currently used

3 years



Lab Instrumentation


Currently used

31 years



Technical report writing


Currently used

16 years



Mechanical Aptitude


Currently used

31 years



MS Outlook


Currently used

5 years



Skill related Interests

I have been informally studying a myriad of Science and Technology related subjects for years, including:


         Artificial Intelligence

         Knowledge Management


         Computer operations & security

         Website design










Associate Degree

EMTC   Bangor. Maine




Associate Degree in Applied Science. Major in Environmental Control.

Heavy emphasis on Water and Sewage treatment, with extensive field work and laboratory analysis.

An excellent grounding in the scientific method and its practical application.





High School

GVHS    Thomaston, Maine




High School Diploma.
Honor Roll
Attended Boy's State





My love of Science and Technology has driven me to create a personal web site. My site's primary purpose is to introduce people to the multi-disciplinary science of Nanotechnology, with its immediate and future implications.


Email:  nanomaine@hotmail.com 





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