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Free Your Mind!

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"An immense and ever-increasing wealth of knowledge is scattered about the world today; knowledge that would probably suffice to solve all the mighty difficulties of our age, but it is dispersed and unorganized. We need a sort of mental clearing house: a depot where knowledge and ideas are received, sorted, summarized, digested, clarified and compared."

H.G. Wells in "The Brain: Organization of the Modern World", 1940.

    "We struggle between 1% of what we know and, 1% of what we donít know, but rarely come across the 98% of what we donít know that we donít know."

    Buckminster Fuller

For at least 20 years I have been frustrated with the inefficient way we interact with our machines... with the notable exception of my Kawasaki ZX-10s ... 8^)  Computers are a prime example of wasted efficiency: they have such great potential, but we interface with them and their contained information poorly.  The good thing about computers... programs can be created quickly, we just need the inspiration!

We have an increasingly urgent need for better ways to interface with the machines that enhance both our physiology, and our intelligence.  Current inefficiencies are already directly affecting our future, especially in knowledge management.

Here are some examples of alternate computer interfaces (bottom of page) and Knowledge Management tools.
I expect many changes in the next few years!

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PersonalBrain Information

Knowledge Management News & New Links

This is amazing software!

It's a great way to manage your knowledge.

And, brainstorming has never been so easy!


This is what it looks like:



Try these SiteBrain examples on the web:

Categorized search engine
Awesome Science and Technology database tracking the Singularity!
SiteBrains can be built, but the license is $5,000, and currently unsupported.


(2005.08.26)  The Raskin Center for Humane Interfaces


(2004.04.30)  Track 7 Tech Vectors to Take Advantage of Technological Acceleration (Max More)

An excellent overview of why KM is so powerful: acceleration of technology, intersection of disciplines, and systematization of practice.


(2004.02.13)  MicroSoft OneNote Very useful software- I love it, but wish I had a tablet PC.


(2004.02.11)  Archiving knowledge thoughts from Long Now


(2004.01.15)  OQO uPC (ultra personal computer)


(2004.01.11)  DesignShop management seminar that led to the book 'Leaping the Abyss'.


(2004.01.11)  Leaping the Abyss: Putting Group Genius to Work  (Foresight Institute online book)


(2004.01.05)  Grokker search tools  Fast mapping and filtering of web, databases, and mass storage.


(2004.01.05)  Beyond Google: Narrow the Search  Wired article on organizing and filtering search results.


(2004.01.01)  Antelope Modular Computing Platform (Also see OQO uPC above!)


(2003.10.13)  Bootstrapping Collective IQ


(2003.10.09)  Big collection of KM articles and thoughts:


(2003.09.30)  Excellent KM site, with insightful articles (including Max More):


(2003.09.17)  HelioDisplay:  Non-holographic, interactive displays in mid air!


(2003.09.01)  Software:  Trying My-eNotes IE toolbar plug-in, like a clipboard manager.


(2003.08.23)  Article:  Aggregators Attack Info Overload


(2003.08.23)  Article:  Fishing for Information? Try Better Bait.


(2003.08.05)  WOW! A HOLOGRAPHIC interface!


(2003.08.05)  New knowledge concept: Idea Markets.

Idea Markets are a way to capture people's collective wisdom, and have proven to be very accurate at predicting events.

Recent article:  The Case for Terrorism Futures 


(2003.07.14) Built a Inxight HyperTree for my site

It was easy to build... and it's free!  This is SWEET!


(2003.07.13) Hyperbolic Tree Navigation

PersonalBrain capabilities with Inxight-like navigation would be ideal!


(2003.07.13) Mind-Mapping Site: "i think therefore i am"

global brain, topic maps, mind-mapping, knowledge management



PersonalBrain & SiteBrain links
How to store, organize and access your knowledge with PersonalBrain.
WebBrain Paper (Josef Betancourt) (excellent interface list)
SiteBrain -Mappa.Mundi  (Excellent Web Mapping resource!)

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Knowledge Management Links Blogging Topic Mapping & related - a Most Excellent KM site, with insightful articles (including Max More)  (Camden, Maine)

KMWorld Buyers' Guide knowledge management solutions

Knowledge Management Network  Massive site, tons of info   (Tons of info here)

Google Directory  - Knowledge Management

Tools 4 Thinking

KM White Papers at ZDNet  (KM resources, and Best practices for lean manufacturing excellence.)

Intelligent Enterprise  (unlocking collected information for competitive advantage)

David Skyrme & related sites:
Knowledge Connections  (insights, and KM consultants)
Knowledge Networking: Creating the Collaborative Enterprise (Book site with updates)
KM Bookstore (Butterworth-Heinemann)

Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management: A Bibliographic Resource

personal knowledge management


Massive tool list (Betancourt) (most excellent list)

Archive Halfbakery

Creativity Web

Zoot Software Web Site


Wikipedia - Weblogging

Wired - The Blogging Revolution

MSNBC.comís Weblog Central

TechTv's Blog Report

Free Topic-Mapper with world-wide shared maps
FreeMind   Excellent free mind-mapper in Java
FreeMind Discussion Forums

Inxight StarTree maps (hypertrees)

Inxight HyperTree Site Map >>

StarTree at Inxight with examples    Download StarTree   List of Topic maps

SimTech USA, MindMapper,
MindJet (MindManager)
Easy Topic Maps


TouchGraph GoogleBrowser

Zoomgraph  from HP - Track Blog meme propagation!

Nooface In Search of the Post-PC Interface

Atlas of Cyberspaces

Mind maps

Overview of Windows Outliners

Tools 4 Thinking


Bootstrapping Collective IQ

DesignShop management seminar


"As much as possible, to boost mankind's collective capability for coping with complex, urgent problems."


The Bootstrap Institute was conceived by Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart to further his lifelong goal of addressing complex and urgent problems.  He is famous for inventing the computer mouse and was the first to use a cathode-ray tube as a monitor. He is also credited with pioneering online computing and email.


I applaud Mr. Engelbart's insight and long-term determination to address one of my primary concerns: developing a way to handle our complex and rapidly evolving reality.  (NO, society has NOT begun to handle this in any systematic or urgent way.)  A robust, world-wide Collective IQ is absolutely necessary for handling and sharing the logarithmic explosion of knowledge, and is urgently needed to ensure the Singularity


The DesignShop process.

This technique for change and creativity began as a method to enable individuals to enhance their creativity and solve difficult problems. It then expanded to address the dilemmas and opportunities faced by groups. Since the mid-1980s, it has evolved in the marketplace, being tested by companies working to improve bottom lines. Use of this process has spread almost exclusively by word of mouth, as one manager or CEO tells a friend, "You've got to try this process. It's unusual, but it works for us."

Groups of all sorts, ranging from large to small, military to counter-culture, manufacturing to entertainment industry, have used it to design successful solutions to challenging, complex, seemingly intractable problems in every area of business. Many have used the DesignShop process for solving single problems. Others have implemented the DesignShop environment and processes back at the office to create an ongoing change in their ways of working.

The improvements come about not by changing the people, but by changing their environment. Intelligence-suppressing factors and creativity-suppressing factors have been removed. People are given an enhanced set of knowledge tools and processes that let them be more effective-they are using power saws and drills instead of rocks. People operate closer to their maximum capacities.

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Interesting bits and pieces VisIT

Grokker search tools

Macromedia Logo  Flash makes for great interfaces!

Site of the Day  Macromedia Showcase

Flash Navigation map at Sony

SiteBrains - cool flash and music  Innovative flash navigation tool. It even has inertia!

VisIT is a revolutionary new way to search for, analyze, share and save Internet information through a graphical search engine interface.

Fast mapping and filtering of web, databases, and mass storage.

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Interface related items


MIT's Tangible Media Group
Totally bleeding edge haptic and visual interface technologies.  These interfaces are wildly innovative... they look like they were copied from an alien spaceship!

Be sure to check out the videos...

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New Sony Notebook Has 3-D Display

MS OneNote

Samsung virtual wearable mouse

New Sony Notebook Computer Has 3-D Display

Great software
I use it on my desktop, but it would really shine on a TabletPC!
FrogPad: One-handed Keyboard

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A HOLOGRAPHIC interface!

Canesta projected Keyboard

First Virtual Laser Keyboard   (Q1 2004)

Canesta's "Virtual Keyboard"           

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Microsoft's vision for future office

Tellme voice recognition service

Article: Revolutionary Computer Interface Uses Hand Motions

Now, that's a decent monitor!  I can't wait for flexible polymer displays... I want one about 6' long and 4' high!   8^)
Try it now, it's free!
Dial  1-800-555-TELL

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Wildfire Personal Assistant

Windows XP Media Center Edition
Virtual and customizable on-screen Keyboards
Very effective voice recognition personal assistant system.

Try out the demos for a 'right now' view of our future machine interactions!  I love the quick response and attentive female voice this system has.  Nice!  This is the way I've always imagined a voice interface should be... at least before personality is added!  8^)

Interesting application of Windows XP... home entertainment!


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