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All scores and performance CDs, DVDs are custom-made to order. Prices are subject to change. Postage and handling charges not included in price. We can accept purchase orders from institutions. For private purchases, please make out checks to Priscilla or Barton McLean. We also accept Paypal from either.

PRICES: Performance Score and DVD set $35

Optional: Quicktime Computer Disk Backup for DVD $5

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This is a tone poem to the beauty of nature and woodland sounds, to the `cello's birth from a tree, to the remembrance of the beauty of J.S. Bach's `cello music, and the realization that all is fragile and apt to disappear in our consumer world., and we must care for what we love. The listener will hear the cello producing sounds similar to tree vibrations, at the beginning and ending of the piece. Throughout the work, small excerpts of J.S. Bach's "Suite No. 5 in C Minor" can be heard, especially two-thirds of the way through when the recorded cello plays the beginning phrase of the Sarabande from the Suite, in duet with a recorded McLean melody. The form is intuitive and organic, aided by a semi-abstract video of the cello in its many shapes and colors, the human hands often floating like ghosts caressing the omnipresent cello. "Cries and Echoes" was written for Ronald Feldman (Boston Symphony) who has created all recorded sounds. This is true for the video, as well, except for trees and extra hands.

PRICES: Performance Score and DVD set $35

Optional: Quicktime Computer Disk Backup for DVD $5

Performance CD (music only) $15


Tuba Solo, Recorded Tubas, and Video

Commissioned by James Gourlay (U.K.) in 2007. The video images inspired the title, as the viewer travels through the tuba bell into its cavernous interior, and near the piece's end, the tuba mouthpiece is featured as rings around the tubist, who sits in the middle of the tuba bell performing. All the sounds and images are from James Gourlay and his tubas. The musical structure is basically traditional, but with surprise elements, and the tuba range is stretched through vocal sounds and Gourlay's recorded samples. As with all of McLean's work, musical textures are all-important.

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