I have been rather surprised and pleased that my Sequencer Playpen and

Composer Playpen programs have garnered more attention than I had

anticipated.  And so I have had to modify somewhat my approach to providing

these, simply because I can see that it is going to take more of my

creative time than I had thought.

Here is the path I see toward your acquiring and creating with these

programs. Basically, we begin with the Sequencer Playpen, since it is the

easiest to use and requires minimal equipment to work with. When the user

can handle that, I can provide the Composers' Playpen as well. I intend to

monitor the user each step of the way and help and guide him or her through

the process.  Here goes::

1. Email me expressing interest in the program.  I then send you as an

   attachment the complete Sequencer Playpen illustrated manual and tutorial.

   No charge.

  1. 2. Upon reading this manual, if the user wishes to continue,  I will then make available my Sequencer Playpen MAX/MSP program in a MAX Application form, which means that it is fully functional, but it cannot be unlocked, copied, or modified.  However, all creative work can be saved via the embedded “write” - “read” buttons provided for all applicable areas, which allow one to save work as separate Macintosh files.  I will send this program using a third party outfit called YouSendIt where I have an account.  Basically, I upload the program to the YouSendIt site, they notify you with an URL, and you download it (c. 10 mb zipped).  If this program is to your liking, I can send the maxpat version also free of charge.  But since this is capable of being edited and everything opened and changed, I can not be responsible for tech support.

3. If the user wishes to proceed with the Composer Playpen, we can proceed

    with steps 1 - 2 all over again. 

Very much looking forward to sharing my Playpens with you!


Barton & Priscilla McLean


518 658 3595.

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