SP: Setup & overview


Hardware Setup:  The Sequencer Playpen is designed for the simplest setup.   A 60-note MIDI keyboard controller outputting MIDI note on, note off, notes C1 through C6, transmitting on any MIDI channel will do.  The Sequencer Playpen is nonspecific in terms of its MIDI input, but is very specific as to its output, outputting on 16 discrete MIDI channels.  Plug a sustain pedal into this keyboard.  Merge the MIDI output of this controller with an 8 – position continuous controller capable of transmitting controller information for controllers # 1 through 8 on any MIDI channel.  This connects to the input of a MIDI interface, which connects to the computer.  The output of the MIDI interface connects with the sound – producing synthesizers or samplers.  If the controller keyboard is also used as the sound-generating synthesizer, be sure to switch the local control to “off” so that there is not a double dose of MIDI data.  The controller keyboard could also be one of the synthesizers, but this diagram separates them for clarity.


Opening the program:  The entry MAX/MSP file (called a “patch” in MAX/MSP terms) is called Sequencer Playpen.  When opened, two glaringly red boxes with text will invite you to double click on the CONTROLS patcher to enter the CONTROLS page, where you will be performing all musical operations.  The other relevant pages to look at are the three Increment Select pages (for tracks A, B, and C).  These can be seen by double clicking on the patchers of the same name, just above the CONTROLS patcher, also on the main Sequencer Playpen page.  Note; This main page is not very elegant looking – something like entering an ocean liner via the engine room, so the CONTROLS page will be the captain’s room where all the actual decisions are made).  A complete illustration of the CONTROLS and the Increment select pages can be found at the end of this web suite. You may need to zoom in to see detail.

Here is a graphic display of the windows (patchers) you will be working with.  The top hierarchy is the Sequencer Playpen.  From there, access (double click) the CONTROLS page where you will be doing all the creating.  You will occasionally need to access the Increment select and the Pulsed program change pages to save your work (which was set up earlier inn the CONTROLS page).  You will also occasionally be saving work in the top Sequencer Playpen page.  In all cases the saving will be done of presets (mainly) and coll. 

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