The McLean Mix:  Concerts, Lecture/demos

New "Budget" Performance/Lecture for 2011 +


Designed to soothe budget constraints. Requiring minimal setup, tech and space, this can be slanted toward a particular focus of the host.  "Music on the Edge" impartsthe feel of a concert with taped  performance excerpts and videos, while maintaining a personal dialogue with the audience or class. Audio and video excerpts will be played and demonstrated, including a demonstration of "The Composer Playpen" showing McLean's MAX/MSP program on screen and how it is used to achieve mind-altering concepts. Informative and fun.

Cost:  $250 plus meals and lodging (optional) if done within a reasonable transportation distance.  Setup: 1 hour maximum.  Requirements:  Program printed, stereo sound system, video projector  & screen. 

Hangin’ Out with MAX

Combines live demonstration of latest MAX/MSP techniques with live performance of Bart McLean’s virtuosic tour de force  Jubilee, written on his MAX/MSP software the Sequencer Playpen.  Other music/video performances such as Priscilla McLean’s Xakaalawe and Symphony of Seasons are aired, in consultation with host. Price includes optional MAX/MSP workshop

Cost:  $450 plus meals and lodging (Optional) if done within a reasonable transportation distance.  Setup: 2 hours, maximum. Requirements: Program printed, stereo sound system, video projector and screen.

What they are saying about the McLean Mix:

"There are very few contemporary composers who make their living from touring and performing their own music. The McLean Mix, consisting of Priscilla and Barton McLean, is, even within that small group, an even greater rarity – a duo of composer/performers who make their living this way. Furthermore, they do this performing music that, while it does have a considerable popular appeal, is absolutely uncompromising in terms of artistic style. This contradicts the popular wisdom that one can only make money in the arts by giving people something they are familiar with."

Warren Burt, reviewer/composer in Summer, 2006 "MUSICWORKS" magazine.  


"The McLeans' music is based in an admiration for nature, but it's created using the most advanced electronic tools available. The combination is thus primitive and highly sophisticated at the same time. One critic described the experience of a McLean Mix concert as "getting close to the inner forces and rhythms of the Earth."

In today's larger musical scene, the McLeans are as rare as a banjo in symphonic orchestra. Their music is as unique as the way they lead their career, which is with a remarkably low level of ego-driven ambition. "They follow their own star," says composer Joel Chadabe, who runs the Electronic Music Foundation in Albany. "Within the world of electronic music, there are definitely conventions and norms. ... They don't fit (any of) them easily."

The McLeans' music is characterized by an austere, often macabre resonance. The boundary between reality and the cyber world becomes slippery."

Joseph Dalton (former director of CRI records) in The Albany TImes-Union


"Priscilla's singing, replete with "extended vocal techniques," was more lyrical than Joan LaBarbara's, less hysterical than Cathy Berberian's, though potentially as unsettling as both. The evening was filled with ...gasps of insight and moments of frightening, uncontrolled beauty."-- The Village Voice

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