Audience-Interactive Installation 
Note:  As of 2008, "Rainforest" has undergone major revisions, including complete redoing of all stations using the MAX/MSP software especially designed for this installation by the composers, and the integration of multicultural aspects showing how native peoples (from our expeditions in Borneo and the Amazon) live, work, and play.
Description of event: "Rainforest" is a portable, self-contained audio-visual-environmental audience-interactive installation which allows up to five participants at a time to instantly create original and beautiful sounds together, over the sultry and ethereal rainforest drone playing in the background, while viewing the slowly-changing surrealistic multiple slide presentation of rainforests from around the world. It can be open to the general public, or classes of 25 at a time can be accommodated in 30-45 minute increments. Unlike other "exhibits", the creators and facilitators are present at all times, interacting with the visitors. The creative stations consist of keyboards sampled with actual rainforest sounds recorded by the McLeans in Peru, Hawaii, Australia, Puerto Rico, Borneo, and New Zealand. Other stations include microphones with artifacts that can be used by the visitors (bird calls, etc.) and which are then digitally-processed through delays, pitch-shifting, etc., and an amplified and digitally-processed spoke wheel. "Rainforest" is structured so that there are no "wrong" or "unmusical" choices. It works well with a variety of university (music major, general studies, etc.) and community environments, and has been successfully performed in museums, galleries, alternative spaces, universities, and community arts centers.
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What comes with "Rainforest": The artists will be driving, bringing all performance materials (2 synthesizer keyboards, equipment rack, mixers, mics and stands, etc.) and green lighting. They stay with the installation throughout, interacting with the visitors. Sound system and slide projectors may be provided if host wishes.
Setup: Time needed-three hours including unloading. Can often partially unload the night before. Setup is at the front of room in a convex semicircle with each station c. 3-4 feet apart. Slides are ideally projected on front wall behind equipment so visitors can look up at them while performing. This is flexible, however. See setup diagram.
Equipment provided by host: 2 large cafeteria-style tables, 1 school desk size table, 1 music stand, loading cart for long hauls, 1-2 standard Kodak Carousel or Ektagraphic slide projectors w spare bulbs, large screen or light wall space to project slides on preferably toward front of room, 20-30 chairs.Stereo sound system is requested. For a slight extra fee, McLean Mix can provide the projectors (but not the screen)  and the sound system ($50 each, one-time fee no matter how many days).
Services to be provided by host: Publicity and promotion, room completely darkened, c. 25 chairs set up, projector screen set up, help with unloading. During the opening hours, controlling visitor access to the room. With a walk-in situation with a large audience this might mean stationing someone at the door to make sure no more than 15-20 people are in the room at any one time (those not participating directly can sit and look at the slides and listen to the sounds being created). With specific classes, host needs to coordinate schedule, and teachers are asked to help control traffic to and from the creative area as participants take turns.
Power requirements: 20 amps, one plug to the tables.
Space requirements: Very flexible. Basically a large (c. 30 x 30 on up) room, hall, gallery, or auditorium that can be darkened will do. Should also be isolated from other loud sounds such as music playing next door or gym classes carrying through walls, etc.
Security requirements: Only applicable for more than 1-day installations. We ask that the room be locked during times we are not performing, and that during these times nothing else be scheduled. If room is not completely secure, then we ask that host provide an audiovisual cart on which we can set up the main part of the electronics, and wheel it into a secure office overnight. We ask that all reasonable means be taken to secure our equipment. This being done, we do not hold the host liable for theft, fire, or other calamity.
Cost and length: 1 day: $700. Each additional day, $500. Plus lodging  and meals.  For limited budgets where travel is close to home (near Albany, NY) one person can run installation, with reduced fee.Special prices available for venues within 150 miles of our home base in Petersburg, NY (east of Albany). For multi-day stays, you have the advantage of greatly increased audience through word-of-mouth. Rainforest is a hybrid between a type of interactive museum experience, and live performance. This is its uniqueness. "Rainforest" is often done with a formal concert at the end. We can send descriptions of these at your request. http://members.cisbec.net/mclmix/articlesreviews22.html#WebsterRainforest_Setup_Diagram.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

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