Delmar Presbyterian Church

Delmar, NY
Rosenberry & Myers Organbuilders 2000

Delmar Presbyterian Church

The new organ replaces the church's previous instrument, which was a 5 rank Wicks that was located to one side in the rear of the church (see photos below). It is centered in the rear of the church on a newly constructed raised wood floor, which also has seating for the choir.

All windchests are new utilizing 1 3/4" solid poplar toeboards and expansion cell electro-mechanical action. Electro-pneumatic action is used for all larger pipe actions.

The organ case is constructed from solid red oak in thicknesses from 3/4" to 1 1/4". The Wicks console was retained, but received a complete rebuilding with new contacts, a new tilting tablet stop rail with maple faces and a new solid state combination action and coupler system.

The entire case and all winchests were constructed in our shop. All pipe voicing was done in our voicing room and on location.

GREAT - Highest section inside organ case

8' Principal 61 pipes - 16 new polished zinc facade pipes, 45 spotted metal from Wicks
8' Gedeckt 61 pipes - 12 recycled wood stopped basses, 49 new capped spotted metal
8' Salicional Duplexed from Swell
4' Octave 61 pipes - 5 new polished zinc in facade, 56 new spotted metal
4' Koppelflute Prepared for future addition
2' Super Octave 61 pipes - New of 70% tin
IV Mixture 244 pipes - New of 70% tin
8' Trompette 56 Reed pipes revoiced from Wicks, 5 new flue pipes
16' Swell Coupler
8' Swell Coupler

SWELL - Enclosed beneath Great in organ case

8' Rohrflute 61 pipes revoiced from Wicks
8' Salicional 61 recycled Estey pipes, revoiced
8' Celeste 49 recycled Morey pipes, revoiced
4' Waldflute 61 pipes - rescaled and revoiced tapered pipes from Wicks Gemshorn
2 2/3' Nazard Prepared for future addition
2' Doublette 12 pipes - Extension of Waldflute
1 3/5' Tierce Prepared for future addition
1 1/3' Quint Prepared for future addition
8' Trompette Duplexed from Great
16' Swell Coupler
Tremolo Prepared for future addition

PEDAL - Bass pipes located at case sides, trebles with Great pipework.

16' Bourdon 32 pipes - 12 pipes from Wicks, 20 revoiced Kilgen pipes. Stopped Wood
8' Principal from Great Principal 8'
8' Gedeckt Extension of Bourdon 16'
4' Octave from Great Principal 8'
8' Trompette from Great Trompette
Swell to Pedal Coupler
Great to Pedal Coupler

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