• Cleared senior manager looking for business opportunities in the Gulf Coast region. Proven professional with 30 years of experience. Demonstrated ability to develop and implement real solutions to assigned task. Proven track record of superior performance. Results-driven professional with extensive experience leading people. Proven experience as a senior executive member of staff that plans, develops, implements, and direct policies, practices, and procedures of the corporation.


  • Active TS/SCI with Full-Scope Polygraph


  • MBA, Advanced Studies in Organizational Management, Touro University, 2006
  • M.S., Business Administration, Strayer University, 2000
  • B.S., Engineering Technology, Pacific Western University, 1996

Employment History:

  • Applied Network Solutions (2011 - Present) South Business Area Manager

    1. Scott provides Business Development support to included acting as Proposal Manager and providing capture management, technical writing, resource planning and interaction with the Prime and the client until award is made.
    2. Participates in bid/no-bid decisions process for all potential new work.
    3. Research, suggest, and implement new business relationships that enabled corporate goals to be achieved.
    4. Develop marketing strategy for areas within the the core competencies with clients in the southern United States.

  • General Dynamics (2010 - 2011) Senior C4ISR Project Manager

    1. Project Management and oversight for the DIA Southeast Regional Service Center (SE-RSC).
    2. Responsible for planning, executing and documenting projects (Charter, Scope, Plan, etc).
    3. Translate operational requirements into technical specifications and ultimately, recommended solutions.
    4. Support CENTCOM and their mission in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • Freedom Consulting Group (2008 - 2010) Director of Business Development

    1. Scott provided Business Development support to included acting as Proposal Manager and providing capture management, technical writing, resource planning and interaction with the Prime and the client until award is made.
    2. Participates in bid/no-bid decisions process for all potential new work.
    3. Research, suggest, and implement new business relationships that enabled corporate goals to be achieved.
    4. Develop marketing strategy for areas within the the core competencies.

  • Concentia Digital (2005 - 2008) General Manager Government Operations

    1. Scott was a founding member and minority owner of Concentia Digital. As the General Manager for Government Operations, he was responsible for all aspects of Government Operations, which include Business Operations, Program Management, Personnel Management, Finance, Accounting, Contracting, Business Development and Corporate Administration.
    2. He was responsible for all RFI, RFP, and RFQ responses generated by the organization.

  • Leading Edge Design & Systems (2001 - 2005) VP of Engineering Services and System Integration

    1. Scott provided executive level leadership to organization and corporate technology professionals that supported enterprise-wide, life-cycle engineering and technical services, application development, systems integration and business process reengineering to systems of national importance.
    2. General responsibilities included providing inputs on corporate strategic planning, broad goals, and growth objectives.
    3. Prepared annual business unit budget along with semiannual updates.
    4. Managed the profit and loss in relation to budget, corporate goals, and objectives.
    5. Prepared, monitored, managed, and reported on the overall staffing plan for the business unit. Developed new and maintained business relationships with partnering companies that impacted business unit goals.
    6. Managed, monitored and addressed all issues related to staffing and retention.
    7. Worked with employees and discussed issues and concerns.
    8. Met with customers and partners to discuss issues and concerns.
    9. Conducted annual and mid cycle reviews. Addressed employee performance issues.
    10. Provided awards and bonuses for performance in accordance with the approved budget.
    11. Business development responsibilities included acting as Proposal Manager to include capture management, technical writing, resource planning and interaction with the Prime and the Customer until award is made.
    12. Participated in bid/no-bid decisions process for all potential new work.
    13. Researched, suggested, and implemented new business relationships that enabled corporate goals to be achieved.
    14. Assisted in marketing strategy for areas within business unit.
    15. Training responsibilities included developing and monitoring training plans for employees in the business units, budgeting and management of cost for the training plan, and keeping Training Plans current. Supervised, coached, provided training opportunities, developed, and mentored staff in regards to the training plan by monitoring employee�s individual goals and the overall business unit�s goals.
    16. Reported responsibilities to include reviewing and analyzing monthly operating reports to include performance, Profit & Loss, and utilization rates.
    17. Performed staffing analysis and report to include number and types of openings, number of candidates interviewed number of candidate�s places, and any deficiencies that prevent meeting the business unit goals.
    18. Reported on issues and propose actions for business unit areas of responsibility for weekly staff meetings.
    19. Created an annual report assessing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to the business unit.
    20. Recruiting responsibilities included contributing to development of recruiting strategies and plans, interviewing all personnel that would be assigned to a business unit and negotiating salaries with perspective new hires.

  • Pulse Engineering/Titan (1999 - 2001) Engineering Department Manager

    1. Scott reported directly to the President.
    2. He planned, developed, implemented, and directed policies, practices, and procedures of the Engineering Department and managed the personnel within the department which consisted of; System Engineers, Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Network Engineers, Technicians, Test Engineers, CAD Engineers, PCB Designers, Configuration Managers, Technical Writers, Trainers, and Mechanical Engineers.
    3. He analyzed, monitored, and evaluated engineering activities to ensure all technical requirements were met.
    4. He was responsible for the forecasting of the operating costs for the department and the monitoring and control of labor and material expenses.
    5. He ensured projects were completed within established budget and schedule.
    6. He was also responsible for new product development, including research, design, and development.
    7. He was also responsible for the development of technical proposals in response to Request For Proposals (RFP) from the customer.
    8. He worked to continually refine the Engineering Department strategic plan and manage the implementation of said plan; ensuring operations are aligned with strategy and meet or exceed revenue objectives.
    9. He provided the management and vision necessary to ensure that the Engineering Department had the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure operating efficiency.
    10. He was also responsible for the ongoing measurement and effectiveness of various internal quality systems, and providing timely, accurate and complete reporting on the operating condition of the Engineering Department.

  • GTE/General Dynamics (1998 - 1999) Senior System Engineer and Program Manager

    1. Scott managed a technical staff comprised of personnel from several different companies working together on a Strategic Alliance.
    2. Acted as Deputy Program Manager on large Time and Material contract.
    3. Responsible for the system integration task of a multi-million dollar government system design and development effort.
    4. Assumed position during time when there were significant customer service challenges.
    5. Developed and delivered training course on PDH and SDH hierarchy.
    6. Improved technical staff�s operational and theoretical knowledge through implementation of formal training seminars.
    7. Generated increased revenues by actively marketing products and services.
    8. Established aggressive plan to change the way people work by utilizing web and Intranet technology for knowledge management systems.
    9. Performed all phases of system hardware and (GFE) software testing including equipment level, subsystem level, and overall system level testing.
    10. Managed development and execution of end-to-end testing of a major SIGINT telecommunication system.
    11. Coordinated the implementation of a design that employed a unique approach to remote operations of the system thus reducing the number of Sun Terminals needed and provided flexibility during operations.

  • SAIC Ideas Group (1997 - 1998) Senior System Engineer and Program Manager

    1. Scott provided Program Management to a large Time and Material system integration contract. Tracked resources assigned and provided reports to government on status of the program in weekly meetings.
    2. Provided technical expertise in developing, integrating, testing, deploying, and training large satellite communication and processing systems employing technologies in switched voice/data telephony, digital data, Ethernet network, and LAN/WAN applications.
    3. Full responsibility for the planning, staffing, budgeting, and operational efforts of all system engineering functions.
    4. Interpreted complex diagrams, work orders, schematics, and drawings to set-up, remove, add, or replace equipment.
    5. Reviewed, edited, and managed the incorporation of engineering changes to technical publications for worldwide distribution.
    6. Demonstrated a comprehensive understanding and proficiency with complex technical matters in a multi-site environment.
    7. Interfaced with field sites in all matters pertaining to operations, infrastructure, collection capabilities, processing systems, and related technical information.
    8. Maintained working knowledge of modern dialing types. Developed and delivered training course on Digital Communications.
    9. Developed and maintained a working knowledge of Applied Signal Technology (AST) equipment. Developed DACS map and performed cross-connects for Lucent DACS VI.
    10. Conducted system and subsystem level requirement review and engineering support. Traveled to field sites around the world to provide support to the delivered systems.

  • GTE Government Systems (1990 - 1997) Engineer

    1. Scott acted as liaison between software developers and hardware engineers to resolve hardware integration issues.
    2. Coordinated resources and schedules with program manager and government contracting officer.
    3. Performed troubleshooting and repair of network peripheral equipment.
    4. Developed and conducted formal, comprehensive test plans and procedures and test data sheets.
    5. Implemented several design changes which resulted in better performance within the system under development, and created a savings for the customer. Identified and fixed system and operational support defects during test execution. As a result the delivered system was accepted and went operational on schedule.
    6. Developed and conducted end-to-end testing of all customer applications to include in-house developed and COTS packages.
    7. Configured, Installed, and trained a LAN based office automation system. Configured and maintained the hardware in a real-time signal processing system.
    8. Provided management of engineering teams. Integrated ADA software to a real-time signal processing systems.
    9. Traveled extensively to client field locations to conduct LAN training and troubleshooting. Reduced cycle times of business process by implementing LAN and WAN based applications. Provided Customer Service supports to field locations.

  • USAF (1981 - 1990) Senior Signals Analyst

    1. Scott provided management of personnel tasked to perform various technical tasks in support of SIGINT, ELINT, and TELINT targets.
    2. The task ranged from operation of a real-time deep space surveillance system to real-time signal analysis and collection systems.
    3. Designed, developed, and delivered numerous training courses.
    4. Developed and maintained knowledge of time base and waveform analysis techniques.
    5. Preformed preventive maintenance on all highly sensitive electronic communications systems. Responsible for the supervision and operation of radio Teletype, data intercept and recording equipment.
    6. Prepared technical signals analysis reports requiring extensive knowledge of analog and digital communications, intricate parametric analysis, high data rate communications, and advanced signal multiplexing techniques for national-level consumers.
    7. Duties include fault identification, isolation and repair of system components through sound troubleshooting technique.