Zephyr Farm 

"Washington State's resource for Dutch Warmblood Sporthorses             -- Producing foals from the finest European bloodlines for dressage and hunter / jumper competitors."

Show News: KWPN-NA Mare Bellame ZF and owner Andrea Schroeder won the Adult Hunter Classic at the HMI Equestrian Challenge, Sonoma Horse Park, Sonoma, CA, May 15-19


Zephyr Farm is located in the Kittitas Valley of Washington State, about 15 miles from the City of Ellensburg. The clear weather in central Washington, with cold winters and warm, dry summers, have made Kittitas Valley world famous for the production of timothy hay. It is also an ideal spot for the breeding and development of Dutch Warmblood Sporthorses. Our horses grow to maturity outdoors on rolling pastures bordered by a fast-running creek. This enables them to develop a healthy constitution, natural balance and athleticism. Added bonus -- they're not spooky about wind, running water, coyotes, cows, eagles, raccoons, tractors, etc., later, when you're riding them outdoors.

"Breeding Goals"

Zephyr Farm's goal is to breed high quality Dutch Warmblood Sporthorses for enjoyment and competition of amateur riders participating in dressage, hunter, show jumping, or combined training events. Our breeding program is designed to produce horses with the athletic ability to excel in the major equestrian sports while having a temperament and trainability that makes them suitable partners for amateurs and juniors. We examine carefully the stallion quality reports from KWPN evaluations in The Netherlands and the United States. Over 90% of our breedings are via frozen semen from The Netherlands. We select sires for our Warmblood mares that have proven ability to produce foals that excel in sport and are a pleasure to own. We've selected our mares even more carefully, believing they are more than half of the equation. Our priorities are RIDABILITY and SOUNDNESS. We leave the "fire-breathers" and "stallion-of-the-month" selections to others. Here, its all about horses that are FUN to ride... yourself.

"Sporthorse Experience"

Betty Barnes and Chuck Ball, owners of Zephyr Farm, have been breeders, members and supporters of the NA/WPN since 1989. Betty was an amateur/owner hunter-jumper competitor for twenty+ years. She now competes in dressage in the Pacific Northwest and clinics with international instructors. Both regularly attend NA/WPN annual breeder's meetings, sporthorse judging seminars, and major competitions.