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Nano's intermittent news.   


Wow!  Animation of future nanobot medical display!


Find gas prices in your area


"It can regrow its heart, toes, joints and tail.  When cells from the test mouse are injected into ordinary mice, they too acquire the ability to regenerate.


Testing Darwin   A most excellent article!
"Life will always find a way.”
Evolving digital organisms provide proof of evolution's universality, with profound insights about life in the universe.


News Flash!   Fantastic Voyage : Live Long Enough to Live Forever  (Kurzweil's new book for practical life extension... today!)

Finally, a systematic plan for life extension.  It is based on the latest knowledge, and purposely adaptable to changing technology and medical information.  I'm reading it now.


Cyberkinetics' BrainGate™ Neural Interface System: First Clinical Trial Launched

Google news search

Wow.  Saw this on FOX news this morning... an implanted Neural Interface that interfaces the brain with computers.  The future is happening right in front of our eyes!
The interface requires no mental tricks to control a screen cursor... it's a natural, reflexive interaction.
How far away can true Cyborgs be?  The Neural Interface will accelerate the inevitable human-technology merger.  We will no longer be trapped in our biology!
Can there be any lingering doubt that the radical future is not only real, but upon us NOW?


It wasn't me!   
I, Robot is one of the best movies I've ever seen, and a must-have-on-DVD.  It's by far the best movie (yet) about synthetic sentience, and leaves no doubt in my mind that people will (eventually) accept that an artificial life form can be sentient. 



Nice tattoo!
First Ever, Semi-Permanent Tattoo

Interesting technology behind this... lots more applications, I'm sure.

How about...

  • Variable persistence time for tattoos
  • Camouflage that doesn't wear off
  • Dermatology treatments
  • Great Halloween makeup
  • Medical alerts
  • Identification (scary)
  • Lingerie
  • Whole-body decorations (great for parties or the beach)
  • Advertisements
  • This list could go on forever!


The Doctor Will Freeze You Now  (Suspended animation is almost here!)

BioTime deals in ultra-profound hypothermia, the body's last stop before freezing.  The company has developed a process that cools living bodies right down to the brink of freezing - a state in which the brain takes hours, not minutes, to wither.  

BioTime's secret is dumbfoundingly obvious: antifreeze. The company's flagship product, Hextend, is an FDA-approved blood-volume expander designed to maintain blood pressure and chemistry in the wake of massive blood loss. It's used for this purpose in surgical wards throughout the US and Canada, but the product has an additional property: It doesn't coagulate at low temperature. Since 1992, BioTime has been testing Hextend in baboons, pigs, and dogs, replacing their entire blood supply and then cooling them to 35 degrees. At that point, vital signs cease. Bleeding virtually stops. Oxygen-hungry tissues go on a diet. Then technicians raise the body temperature, reintroduce the blood, and shock the heart to life.

"Right now, we can easily bring animals back from two hours of absolute clinical death," says Hal Sternberg, BioTime's VP of research. "No pulse, no respiration, no measurable brain activity."


I didn't realize RFID tags worked on the very popular wifi system, which is usually limited to about 300'.
Will boosting RFID with the 30 mile WiMax system below, destroy our privacy?  The only limitation I foresee is RFID transmitting power.

A new warp-speed wireless Internet service called WiMax aims to blow past competitors at speeds of up to 70 megabits per second -- 35 times faster than a standard broadband Internet connection -- it can hold its own with any landline service.

In addition, WiMax promises unprecedented mobility with a reach of up to 45 kilometers (30 miles) from the next base station, compared to just a few dozen meters (yards) for Wi-Fi.


You absolutely MUST see the site of the very adventurous Russian woman Elena:
(Notice that her hit counter is approaching 2 million!)

It's the amazing documentary of her motorcycle trips through the Chernobyl exclusion zone.  Yes, it's mostly safe... if you don't step off the pavement!

From my perspective of a single guy and dedicated Kawasaki Ninja rider, this woman is fantastic!  Beautiful, intelligent, witty, adventurous, and... her 147hp Ninja is even bigger than mine was!  Any woman who enjoys the raw adventure of redlining her big Ninja through a nuclear desert... is a goddess to me!    8^)

I love the wryly humorous way she writes, poignant as the story is.  The pictures are chilling... like a post-apocalyptic movie... but it's a story you'll always remember.

Never forget that she took the pics under the constant threat of radiation... her radiation detector was running the whole time!    =8^O

Truly, a 'Kidd of Speed' !

Isn't she awesome on her Ninja?   8^)


Methane on Mars could signal life  WOW!  This could be ENORMOUS news!  Finally!
But, it doesn't surprise me at all... I assume life is abundant in the Universe.  If life wasn't abundant, "it would be an awful waste of space..."
If true, this should silence all those 'Flat-Planet People' who think we are the only life in the universe.  Carl Sagan WILL be vindicated.

"Methanogenesis by living subterranean organisms is the most likely explanation for this discovery. Our estimates of the biomass and its production using the measured CH4 abundance show that the martian biota may be extremely scarce and Mars may be generally sterile except for some oases."


Wired magazine: The New World - 30 Spaces for the 21st Century   As usual for Wired, excellent thoughts on our present and future.
Wired Magazine: Living Machines: The New Facts of LifeA most excellent article!
Technology and biology are converging fast. The result will transform everything from engineering to art - and redefine life as we know it.


Lie-detector glasses offer peek at future of security.  Here's another truth detector... and it's being commercialized!


Major news...  Robot scientist designs and executes it's own experiments!

The robot not only performs genetics experiments, it also decides which ones to do, interprets the results and comes up with new hypotheses.

As a lab technician, I'd love to have a robot do the tedious work!


Wow!  President Bush is going to commit to an accelerated space program, including a permanent moon base!

I do hope we commit to this plan, as it will drive development of many technologies, including nanotech.

It's critical for the US (and mankind) to have a nexus for this essential development.


CSN: Cable Science Network

A network for "all Science, all the time".  What an awesome idea!  I have hoped for this for years!

Article about CSN: Candle in the Dark


Stelarc Cybernetic experimentation   This is wild stuff, you just HAVE to see!


The Biotech Baroness of the Brain   Excellent article, mentions our immediate Transhuman future.


Added Inferential Distance page, to encourage site visitors to overcome 'reality shock'.


     Finally!  A HOLOGRAPHIC interface!


Redesigned the site somewhat.  New index page, and finally made a logo!  


Added a HyperTree Navigation Map to the site map page... check it out!

Added more stuff on the Knowledge Management page

Changed the Index page


Ok, I'm back with a new ISP, and OS.  Now, I'll be able update the site once in a while!

I've been using PersonalBrain Knowledge Management (KM) software for months now, and am totally addicted to it's speed and flexibility.  I find new uses for it all the time!

Zoot was definitely not for me, nor was any of the other KM software I have tried or investigated.  PersonalBrain still has a lot of un-developed potential, but there are many passionate users (believers?) who freely share their great ideas.  If  The Brain Technologies Corp matches the users' passion, the PersonalBrain will become a world-wide phenomenon. 


Believe it or not...
(Polygraph tests were always unreliable, and are now outdated.)
This has the potential to change our society... and hopefully revamp our cumbersome justice system.  (Yes, revamping the justice system is scary... the potential for loss of freedoms is great...)
A similar device changed future society in the excellent 1998 book 'The First Immortal'.  But...  IT'S ALREADY HERE NOW!
"Farwell Brain Fingerprinting is a revolutionary new technology for investigating crimes and exonerating innocent suspects, with a record of 100% accuracy in research on FBI agents, research with US government agencies, and field applications.
Brain Fingerprinting solves the central problem by determining scientifically whether a suspect has the details of a crime stored in his brain. It has received extensive media coverage around the world. The technology is fully developed and available for application."


Started playing with ZOOT information Processor as an alternative to PersonalBrain.  (Ya, I know... I'm a program slut.  LOL!)

So far, it looks awesome!  Read the post that sent me to ZOOT.


Installed and started running the folding@home distributed computing program.  This project chews on the massively problematic prediction of protein folding.
It's close to Molecular Nanotechnology, but... I'm still waiting for Nano@home!

(09-15-02)  Proposed Nano@home project  (Like Seti@home)

(09-15-02)  Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects


Ok, I did it... I bought the PersonalBrain 2.01!  I got addicted to it quickly, and it is very useful within its' capabilities.
Now I'm on a quest to find a SiteBrain and GuideBrain.  If you have one, write me!   8^)


Found some interesting PersonalBrain discussion on Yahoo! Groups 


Installed and started running the Seti@home distributed computing program.
 Now, my computer can help hunt for ET!

 Once a Nanotechnology distributed computing program is created, I will donate my CPU cycles to them!


I'm impressed... the virtual worlds of are absolutely massive!  Just one virtual world is the size of California!
And that's only one world of thousands! Unbelievable!  It really is amazing what people can build in a 3-D world...
It's worth installing the software and taking a tour.... you can even build in open worlds... at no cost!
Just be warned... dialup is gonna be slooowww... this is really for broadband and fast computers. Navigation Maps  Awesome !

Notes on my adventures in ActiveWorlds:

Accelerate moves with <ctrl>
Slide with <shift>
Look up & down: <page up> <page down>
Fly up with 'minus' (-)
Fly down with 'plus' (+)
Access the folders by <F9>.

You'll want to use the 'Remember' function to teleport to were you've been... and you can store those locations like favorites!
When you're at a place you want to remember: press -teleport -remember.
You'll get a dialog box like: 'America 56N 10E'... I save that description with coordinates, and add my own description on the end.

You can use teleport by entering coordinates... World, xxN or S, xxE or W

Here's a list of some of my favorite spots so far (just copy & paste into the teleport dialog box...):
America 56N 10E
America 56N 9E, rocks and black pyramid view-2!
America 66N 17E, Black pyramid, inside!
America 102N 14E, cool setting
America 111N 1E, floating skydock!
AWSchool 1S 13E, tourist worlds

Lensman's 6S 0W, info arena (this one is cool... lots of links!)  Fly up and look down too... more links!
I don't think the coordinates remember elevation, so once you arrive, you will want to 'elevate' and spin around to look.
Once you realize what it's like 'on the ground' you realize how massive the place is!
This place really is incredible... and I haven't even seen the bigger citizen's worlds!


Whilst looking for SiteBrains (Google Search on SiteBrain), I came across several cool web mapping sites.

This one has a variety!   An Atlas of Cyberspaces


Update on my new brain...

I found out that the web site navigation version of TheBrain (SiteBrain) is out of production.
There are plans to offer it again, but no date is set.  Bummer.
TheBrain is a great concept, but the current PersonalBrain is too limited, so... for $80 it's no cigar!
I'd love to find an old copy of the SiteBrain, email me if you have one!
Here's a screen shot that shows the WebBrain interface...

=======>  Examples of SiteBrains   <=======

   Great search engine!

The Brain at    Awesome, searchable knowledge base!'s SiteBrain



Shocking news!  NASA is working on 'remote' brain scanning tech!


Got a new Brain!   

A genius piece of software!  But... I'm finding the personal version lacking in integration.

I'd absolutely love it if it managed emails as well as Outlook, and could be used as a navigation tool for web sites.

The idea is fantastic, and would become the standard interface for many programs if integrated.

For $80, it should do a lot more, but.... stay tuned for further updates, the 30 day free trial isn't done yet!


Coming in 2002 (now 2003)... a new Satellite broadband service called WildBlue.

Download speeds of up to 3.0 Mbps  - and up to 0.5 Mbps upstream.

This should be price competitive with DSL and cable.. and I like it!




 Well, not really, but....
It's an innovative and educational electronic game that introduces kids to the concepts of DNA, meteorites, the panspermia concept of life’s universal propagation, Nanotechnology, and cyborg fusion of organic and machine existence.  The more I read about this game, the more I liked it!  
Once you modify the alien life forms, you use them to infect other nearby gamers via RF, even without their knowledge!  The game strategy is based on manipulating the 'genetics' of the life forms so they will survive the Darwinian battlefield.  This is a totally new educational game concept, and I love the idea!

Here's the article that introduced me...

While you're at, be sure to check out the other cool Space Age Gear!

       Magneto fossils are 'compelling' evidence of Martian life

When we will be like the gods

(12-13-2000)  I finally found an article I had looked for for weeks... and it's worth your reading.

The writer Spider Robinson speculates about life in the year 3000... and it's a mind blower.

This is why I study nanotech... the possibilities are virtually limitless... and I want to live in this future.

Before you read it, be sure to sit down and put on a seat belt!

"Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy 'cause Kansas really is goin' bye-bye."

(11-23-2000) Scientists Report Alien Life!

If this is for real, it's a mind blower!  But, only time will tell... Wires
Thursday, Nov. 23, 2000

LONDON (UPI) - Scientists in Wales said they discovered what may be a tiny form of primitive alien life that a passing comet may have dropped into Earth's atmosphere, London's Daily Mail newspaper reported Wednesday.

Researchers said that in the filter of a high-flying balloon operated by the Indian Space Research Organization, they found a strain of bacteria unlike anything on Earth. The bacteria were found at an altitude of 10 miles. Scientists from the ISRO, Cardiff University and the University of Wales College of Medicine said it may have come from a comet on a close approach to earth, according to the Daily Mail.

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, who is based at Cardiff University, said the discovery marked "the first time we have had direct evidence for the hypothesis that comets seed life on other planets."

Wickramasinghe and astronomer Fred Hoyle suggested the theory of "panspermia" more than two decades ago, that the seeds of life, either DNA or microbes, could be carried by asteroids or comets and dropped off on planets such as Earth to germinate life.

The entire article

(11-25-2000) Awesome Nano news:  Bug driven Nano-Robots may be reality in LESS than 1 Year!

These robots will be miniature Medical Submarines moving in our bloodstream...


(11/23/00 & 11/24/00) -Saw both Red Planet and The 6th Day with my son.   We highly recommend both.

(11-19-2000) Excellent Cryonics news:  Vitrification will soon be available to Alcor Patients.

Vitrification is a method of converting biological tissue into a low-temperature glass that doesn't contain any damaging ice crystals. It may soon be possible to revive patients WITHOUT advanced Nanotechnology!

(11-17-2000) I sold my Toyota FJ60 to in NH.  I'm gonna miss the old beast!

If you need a LandCruiser or parts, be sure to talk to James... I've dealt with him several times, and he is reliable and honest.

(11-6-2000) My continuing email problems: I reinstalled Outlook Express and IE5.5, still getting lockups.   I will solve this problem someday....

(11-4-2000) Check out my friend Matt's site... there's always something new there!

(10-18-2000)  Breaking news related to Biostasis: 250 Million Year old Bacteria revived!

Get a load of this one.... a 250 million year old bacterium has been revived!

Life can survive in stasis for millions of years... more evidence that we CAN'T be alone in the universe!

And, all I need is a couple hundred years or less of stasis....   8^)

This is a BIG discovery, with profound implications!

A second article in Nature



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