In The Shop - Methodist Church - North Chatham, NY

Hook and Hastings Double-Rise Reservoir

Reservoir bottom

The bottom of the reservoir has had all of the old leather removed. The new twill hinges have been applied. The organ was once able to be hand pumped but the feeders were discarded some years back.

Reservoir parts

Both folds of the double-rise reservoir are being assembled. The folds are created by thin pieces of wood called "ribs" held together by twill cloth and sealed with leather strips.

Reservoir top

The reservoir top with the twill hinges applied. The long ribs are clamped in place while the glue is drying to keep the pieces aligned.

Winker parts

A small wedge bellows called a "winker" is being releathered. It is mounted on the airline to provide wind stablilty.

Sketch of Reservoir

Shop woodworker Dave Leavenworth created this sketch of the components to assist in re-assembly of the reservoir.

Finished Reservoir

The reservoir has been re-assembled with the new leather hinges and gussets.

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